The Marbles - Area 1 - Various white marbles

Panel 96 - Location

Collected here are some quarry artefacts in different white marbles of Eastern origin.

The two parallelepiped blocks (E, K) come from the island of Proconnesus in the Sea of Marmara in Asia Minor; the other unshaped blocks (A-C, F, H, J) are from the Greek island of Paros and, unlike the first two, which were destined for the production of marble panels, were intended for the creation of medium-sized sculptures.

Panel 96 - Figure 1Island of Proconnesus. View of the ancient and modern quarries of Saraylar
(Bruno M. 2004)

The roughly worked shaft (D) and Doric-style capital of a column (I), a typical export item also attested in Rome and Pompeii, are in Pentelic marble, quarried on the slopes of Mount Penteli not far from Athens.

Panel 96 - Figure 2Island of Proconnesus. Deposit of ancient artefacts at the quarry of Ilik Mermer
(Bruno M. 2004)
Panel 96 - Figure 3Reconstruction drawing of extraction operations at the quarries of Mount Penteli
(Korres M. 1995)
Panel 96 - Figure 4Athens, Mount Penteli. Large quarry face in sector Λ1 at Spilia
(Bruno M. 1992)
Panel 96 - Figure 5Athens, Mount Penteli. Ancient transport route descending from quarry Λ1 at Spilia towards Athens
(Bruno M. 2017)

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