Domus del Protiro

Panel 38 - Location

The luxurious aristocratic house was built in successive phases during the 3rd century AD. It was accessed through a monumental entrance (prothyrum) with marble columns and a pediment (A) on which the owner’s name was inscribed, erased in antiquity.

Panel 38 - Figure 1Axonometric reconstruction of the final phase of the domus
(J.S. Boersma)
Panel 38 - Figure 2Statue of Apollo from the domus

It had a central courtyard (B), embellished with a nymphaeum (C) decorated on both sides, with a curved front and niches facing the vestibule and a façade with aedicules and marble pediments facing the main room (D). The latter had two columns at the entrance and was paved with marble slabs; a similar veneer, partly made of reused materials, was present in the more luxurious rooms of the house.

A small underground room (E) with niches and a well could be reached from the courtyard and can perhaps be interpreted as a domestic sanctuary.

Panel 38 - Figure 3Drawing of the prothyrum (A)
(G. Gasponi)
Panel 38 - Figure 4Detail of the floor in opus sectile with reused inscription

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