Domus dei Pesci

Panel 45 - Location

The domus (house) was installed in an earlier residence with a porticoed courtyard and had two main construction phases, the last of which can be dated to the 3rd century AD.

The domus is currently accessed through the original service entrance (A), which leads into a porticoed courtyard (B) adorned with three fountains of different periods.

Panel 45 - Figure 1Plan of the domus with a representation of the mosaics
(O. Visca)

The reception room (C) had two columns at the entrance and faced onto the courtyard; it had an inlaid marble floor with a variety of geometrical motifs.

On the opposite side of the courtyard was another luxurious room (D), also embellished with a marble floor.

The north sector was occupied by the vestibule (E), with a mosaic floor depicting a cup and some fish (interpreted by some scholars as Christian symbols), a heated room (F), a cistern (G) and a praefurnium (room for heating water) (H).

Panel 45 - Figure 2General view of the domus Panel 45 - Figure 3Mosaic with depiction of the cup and fishes (E)

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